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Join Our Contractor Network and Boost Your Business

At Stroud's Steel Trusses, we are expanding our contractor network and we want you to be a part of it! As a leading retailer of steel trusses and pole barns, we have a wide customer base looking for reliable contractors to complete their projects. By joining our network, you can tap into this pool of potential customers and grow your business.

How Does Our Contractor Network Work?

Step 1: Let Us Know Your Work Areas

Simply provide us with the areas in which you work. Whether you specialize in residential, commercial, or agricultural construction, we will ensure that you receive relevant project leads in your preferred locations.

Step 2: Start Receiving Referrals

Once you join our network, we will start sending customers your way as we sell pole barns. These referrals will be based on the areas you specified, ensuring that you receive leads that match your expertise.

Earn Commissions Through Our Referral Program

Earn 5% Commissions on Your Kit Sales

As a member of our contractor network, you will be eligible for our referral program. For every kit sale of 500 square feet or more made through your referrals, you will earn a commission of 5% of the total sales amount. This is a great opportunity to generate additional income while expanding your customer base.

Why Join Our Contractor Network

1. Expand Your Customer Base

By joining our contractor network, you gain access to a larger pool of potential customers who are actively seeking reliable contractors for their pole barn projects. This can help you fill your project pipeline and increase your revenue.

2. Targeted Referrals

We carefully match customer requirements with contractor expertise to ensure that the referrals you receive are relevant to your business. This targeted approach saves you time and increases your chances of converting leads into successful projects.

3. Commission Earnings

Our referral program allows you to earn commissions on your sales. This means that not only do you benefit from receiving new customers, but you also gain an additional income stream through the commissions you earn.

Join Our Contractor Network Today! Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your business and earn commissions. Join our contractor network now and start receiving valuable referrals.

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